Applying for Auxiliar de Conversación

There is a government web page to apply for Auxiliar de Conversación. First, you must create a profile on this web page including personal information, your C.V. information, and any relevant experience, skills, and certifications. Around late January to early February, they open the application window.


“Attention please! The Ministry of Education of Spain has just informed us that NALCAP apps will open February 9th at 12 am Spain time. The delay has been due to an administrative issue. The MINIMUM stipend will increase for the 2023-2024 school year to 800 euros. In order to do this, a special government approval for budgetary measures is needed and this is what has been holding up the opening of apps. All other stipends will remain the same. See our website for exact amounts.”

It is very important to have your profile ready before the application window opens. It is a first come first serve system.

That is why it is crucial to prepare your profile and application in advanced. I started in November so I could prepare every document and give sufficient time for the letter of recommendation to be written. Follow the manual closely, and make sure to double check everything. In this page I have linked multiple guides and given examples to help with various requirements for the application. Having one of the first applications is a big advantage, so follow closely and don’t procrastinate!

Manual/guide to the application process (here)

Where to apply: Profex – Sede Electrónica – Ministerio de Educación.

Profex Step-By-Step Handbook (USA)

Follow the steps carefully and thoroughly using the handbook for the 2023/2024 program to complete your Profex profile. Make sure to have it finished BEFORE THE APPLICATION PERIOD OPENS. Do not worry about providing additional information or improving your application with extra qualifications. This is not like a typical job application/program application. If you meet the bare level requirements stated, you will be chosen for the program as long as your application is completed, turned in, and reviewed before they fill the available positions.

These are the basic requirements you must meet for an American application. Reminder, the Language and Culture Assistants Program in Spain is not solely for Americans. This program is available to Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, and The U.K.

Required documents: A scanned copy of the main page of your passport, your official college transcripts or a copy of your diploma, statement of purpose, and letter of recommendation.

Official list of required documents and descriptions (here)

Scanned copy of the main page of your passport

Official college transcripts or a copy of your diploma

Statement of purpose

  • 250-300 words maximum
  • Written in English
  • Addressed to the Ministry of Education of Spain
  • Stating that you are a native-like speaker of English
  • Explaining why you would like to participate in the NALCAP
  • Must be signed and dated by you
I forgot to date the letter. Be careful not to repeat my mistake

Letter of Recommendation

For the letter of recommendation, find a professor, teacher, study abroad director, or any other relevant professional position to write a formal letter of recommendation for you. Please be kind and make sure they are willing and able to write a positive letter of recommendation for you. Also, prepare in advanced and give them ample time. The requirements for the letter include the following:

  • Be on your organization’s official letterhead stationery
  • Include your name, contact information and position in the organization
  • Explain how you know and for how long you have known the applicant
  • Assess the applicant’s qualifications towards their success in the program
  • Include a final statement where you speak to the applicant’s potential and talent for being a language assistant in Spain
  • Be no more than 1 page in length
  • Be signed and dated by you no earlier than September 1, 2022

Letter of recommendation guide (here)

When should I prepare my profile? I recommend asking for your letter of recommendation in November and working on your profile in November and December. In January you can polish what you have.

When is the application window? The application window is typically end of January/early February. Look for an announcement (here).

The Profex website is not a well functioning website. During the application window, it tends to crash and make it nearly impossible to apply due to the servers being overwhelmed with applicants. There are 2 solutions to this.

1: Prepare in advanced and send your application at midnight (Spain time) when the application window opens.

2: Be patient and keep trying to send your application. I spent 3 days refreshing the website every hour to try to send my application in 2022.

The Profex website often has personal information fields that can’t be filled out properly, too. Sometimes you can’t add information to a blank field, and other times you are given open ended fields to yes or no questions or yes or no multiple choice options to open ended questions. Just do your best to give an appropriate answer. Your application will work. Don’t worry and try to be patient with the process (this is a good tip in general for the immigration process in Spain).

When you successfully send your application, you should receive your Inscrita number and Inscrita status. The next step is to wait patiently and keep an eye on your application status. You are on the verge of needing a visa!

FAQs: I can’t remember my password to profex so can’t get to the application. Can anyone offer some guidance here?

-Click on the following link:
Go to incidencias de acceso and type the digits of the document you used when registering your account (most likely your passport number). Then you can request that they send you an email to reset your password.

If you found the website useful, feel free to Support the PageEvery little bit helps.

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