Autorización de Regreso

A Regreso allows you to return to Spain with an expired TIE if your renewal is being processed. It can also be used during the initial TIE application in an emergency.

The Regreso is a document that allows the applicant to leave and return to Spain without a valid visa or TIE. It is useful for individuals that plan on visiting their families or for those that want to leave (and return to) Spain during the TIE processing time. It is not a valid document for travelling around the Schengen area, and it will only be officially accepted at a Spanish port of entry.

The Regreso document is valid for 90 days. In the image above, you can see that my Regreso was processed on June 8th. It was valid until September 6th. Plan your trips accordingly!

If you decide to tour Europe without a TIE or unexpired visa, you are taking a major risk.

You can get a Regreso if you are in the process of getting your TIE. That means you have already successfully completed your first appointment, and you are waiting for your application to be processed. You can apply for the Regreso during the TIE renewal process and during initial TIE application (only under exceptional circumstances).

You can not just claim exceptional circumstances either. Additionally, they request documentation proving that the trip responds to a situation of need under exceptional circumstances.

“Documentación acreditativa de que el viaje responde a una situación de necesidad y concurren circunstancias excepcionales.”


EX-13 form

Complete, print, and sign the EX-13 (the Autorización de Regreso application form).


Section 1:

Fecha de nacimiento is date, then month, and then year.

Sexo H – Hombre and M – Mujer.

Estado civil is S for soltero, C for casado, V for viudo, D for divorciado, and Sp for separado.

Address needs to include all of the necessary information (escalera/bloque/whatever).

Section 2:

Leave Blank

Section 3:

Same information as before.

Section 4:

If this is during your TIE renewal, check “Titular de autorización de residencia en período de renovación o prórroga (art. 5)”.

If this is during the initial application due to having “exceptional circumstances”, check “Titular de autorización de residencia inicial en trámite de expedición de Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero, concurriendo razones excepcionales (art. 5)”. Exceptional circumstances includes family emergencies and personal emergencies.

At the bottom make sure to sign and date it. Take the original and a photocopy to your appointment.

Tasa Modelo 790 código 012

The Tasa Modelo is a tax form you have to fill out and pay at a bank branch or ATM. This form is used to pay for your Regreso. I highly recommend going inside a bank branch to pay the tax form with exact cash. This way you are guaranteed to get a stamped sheet back proving your payment for the TIE appointment.

If you have a local Spanish bank account, use your bank branch. If you do not have a local Spanish bank account, you can still use a physical bank branch without issue. I’ve had great luck with Caja Rural in the past. Just go up with your Tasa Modelo filled out, your ID (Passport), and your exact payment. To fill out the form, use the following link.

Tasa Modelo 790-012

You know this part by now. Add your personal information.
The next section can be skipped. Just make sure that you have “Principal” marked.
Find and Mark “Autorización de regreso.”
Include your localidad, date, and mark “en efectivo”. You will pay this fee with exact cash at a bank branch.

After filling out the form, download the form and print it out. Make sure to sign it! Bring the form with exact cash to a bank branch and pay the fee there. Make sure you receive a stamped form in return. This is your proof that you paid the Tasa. Bring it to your TIE appointment.


For TIE renewals, bring the original and a copy (both sides) of your expired TIE.

Copy the front and back.

For initial TIE applicants, bring the original (affixed in your passport) and a copy of your expired visa.

Make a photocopy of this page and bring your passport.


Bring your passport along with a copy of all of your passport pages (yes, all of them). They may only ask for you biodata page, visa page, and the stamped page from when you first entered Spain with your visa, but they also may ask for all pages.

Printing every page is a pain in the ass. It’s a waste of paper as well, but it’s just something you have to do.

TIE Application Proof

TIE Renewals: bring proof that you have successfully submitted the initial part of your TIE renewal application (a stamped EX-00 form). Send the original and a copy.

At the top right section of your renewal application form (EX-00), the bureaucrat will stamp your form after successfully completing the initial part of your renewal application.

Initial TIE Applications: bring proof that you have successfully completed the Toma de Huellas appointments. Send the original and a copy. Similar to the renewals, you may have a stamped EX-17 form or a confirmation form.

Travel Itinerary

Bring a copy of your flight tickets and/or your reservation with dates. Make sure it includes the departure and return dates.

An example of a flight reservation.

Proof of Appointment

To make an appointment and check if there are availabilities, first access the Cita Previa link below.
(This is the same website where you get your TIE appointment)

Step 1:
Choose the province THAT YOU LIVE IN.

Step 2:
Provincia – The same as your previously selected choice.
Oficina – Cualquier oficina

Autorización de Regreso

After clicking “Aceptar”, you will go to a page that gives information on all the required documents and application forms.

Step 3 and beyond: The following page has information about requirements for your Autorización de Regreso appointment. Double check that you have all the required documents.

After clicking accept and moving on to the next page, you will need to enter your information.

You can schedule an appointment with your passport number or NIE information.
At the bottom of the page, enter your first and last name, year of birth, and the expiration date of your passport or TIE (whatever you entered above).

After clicking “Solitar Cita”, you simply choose an available date and time, confirm the appointment, and save your appointment confirmation.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult at times to find an available appointment. This is especially true around the holidays (November/December). Just keep checking for openings. New appointments are frequently added.

Unlucky, check again soon!

When you attend your appointment, bring a copy of your Cita confirmation along with the rest of your documents. You may receive the Regreso immediately after handing in all of your documents or be asked to come back in a few days.

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